Intelligent Communication  Everyone, Everything, Everyday.

Human-Machine communication is leaping to new levels of performance in an ever more connected world. SIRI, ALEXA, CORTANA are pioneers in speech recognition. NEST, FITBIT, GoPro are pioneers on convenience functions for everyday life. What they have in common they intelligently interact with their environment and provide smart artificial intelligent solutions.

There is about a trillion sensor in the world for monitoring and providing feedback. Imagine these sensors were given the intelligence to handle complex interactions. Imagine a sensor can classify signals or data streams and does so by itself, without sending massive data to cloud servers. Imagine a sensor that communicates in simple human language what it sees, hears, feels, and senses? We call theses sensors cognitive sensors.

Cognitive Sensors will enable intelligent interaction between machines and humans in daily situations in any environment, anyplace, anytime. NeuroControls engineers solutions to make sensors cognitive, and develops applications that outperform today’s solutions in performance, intelligence, speed, and power consumption. Learn more at “about us”.


NeuroControls is an engineering service provider with knowledge and expertise of advanced neuromorphic technology. We enable your company to implement artificial intelligence in sensors. By offering neuromorphic sensor solutions on silicon we turn any kind of sensor into a cognitive autonomous device.

We are specialized in fast cognition, evolutionary learning and anomaly detection. We teach sensors any kind of data or signal stream. Our solutions can:

x classify sounds
x count & track objects
x classify environments
x read emotions
x detect heart beat anomalies
x detect blood cell anomalies

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We provide neuromorphic sensor solutions for medical applications.
Our smart sensors are meeting highest standards to address medical needs.
Please contact us when you are interested in the technology.