NEUROCONTROLS is an A.I. system integrator that bring smart solutions to the market and its customers.

We provide COGNITIVE SENSOR and COGNITIVE COMPUTING solutions for sound, vision, motion & data. They enable everyday smart interactions with environments and surroundings.


COGNITIVE SENSOR is a sensor with integrated knowledge that can learn, recognize & classify patterns, objects & novelties. It can convert huge data streams into simple language to enable low bandwidth communication. Our cognitive sensors use NEUROMORPHIC TECHNOLOGY for fast speed and low power consumption.

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Our solution gives you the instruments to be part of the new era of artificial intelligence.

Let us develop your cognitive sensor solution


COGNITIVE SENSOR SOLUTIONS can be stand alone, or part of a cognitive crowd computing solution. Knowledge baselines are established via supervised learning, and knowledge evolution is context or novelty driven. The basic components of our solutions include three to six basic building blocks.

Let us develop your cognitive sensor solution


In the video below you can see different types of neuromorphic classifications. We present the Neuromorphic CNN, DVS, Raw Vision Data, LIDAR, Microphone, IR Raw Vision & Raw Vision Scope.

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